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How often do you have to spell out an address?

With a gaddee address you get a unique code which is called a gaddee.

Special events need special addresses

Give that place a personalized gaddee, put it on the invite and get exclusive.

gaddee vs personalized gaddee

A gaddee is a unique 8 character code for each place in the world that you can use and share for free. A personalized gaddee is any word you would like to use to name your special place, like :HomeofMia.

Tell me when I can get my personalized gaddee.

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Project progress

Alpha Status
Started 03/2016

I definitly need a first giveaway works well, but is ugly like hell

Webservices for alpha version are finished. Setting up small azure service to host Umbraco and new webservices.

The Unity3D asset works quite well with my local webservices.
For the webportal I choose Umbraco as my weapon on choice --> for now I host everything locally.

Back from holiday I've decided to start with the Unity3D asset, as it covers all mobile operating systems at once.
Native plugins for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 10 will come later.

  • Unity3D asset

    get extra entries for your giveaways from ingame challanges

  • Backend

    to connect your app with our configuration portal

  • Website

    for game devs to present their games and giveaways

One geek to rule them all

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I’m living and working in Munich, the beautiful hearth of Bavaria. Beside my job as IT consultant I love making music, travelling and tasting food and wine from all over the world. Programming Apps & leading teams for web and database projects are my daily job, but my real love is misusing stuff to create something new. So I started programming argumented reality apps for the semiconductor industrie with Unity3D.